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Second Wind Dance Company 300 Stonewood Court  Chesapeake, Virginia  23320

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Mission Statement:

Second Wind Dance Company, founded and incorporated November 9, 1979, creates performances with timely thematic materials relating to social and world issues such as domestic violence, world hunger, and child abuse, in an artistic and culturally enriching manner.

Second Wind is Hampton Roads’ finest performing modern dance company, dedicated to developing, integrating and encouraging the area’s richest dance talent, as well as locally and nationally recognized artists in collaborative creations. Second Wind Dance Company is committed to reward excellent artists (choreographers, dancers, poets, writers, musicians, actors, visual artists) who are working in the Hampton Roads community.

Second Wind’s choreography integrates dance with other art forms such as theater, sculpture, visual arts and musical composition. Through this artistic focus, Second Wind Dance Company strives to impact community life with a meaningful source of professional entertainment and cultural enrichment. We are the only prolific modern dance company in Hampton Roads that deals with contemporary social and world issues. Our company raised awareness of domestic violence through our choreography, which has a strong emotional impact on its audience. Because we are racially integrated and diverse performers, we provide positive role models for aspiring youth of all segments of society who want to dance professionally. We realize the need of our youth to have positive role models in dance, in order to pursue the rigorous training that professional dance requires.

Second Wind's Teaching Philosophy:

Students should be exposed to information that inspires and encourages creativity, exploration and research. Students exposed to a variety of dance techniques will be encouraged to develop a broad range of vocabulary for the creation of their own work. An excellent training base for dancers involves the balance of receiving strong dance technique and dance compositional studies. I believe the dance students’ best educational approach is interdisciplinary and originates from a multi-cultural perspective. Dance history from a cultural and world view equips students with a thorough historical perspective, with an emphasis on how dance forms vary geographically and how dance has influenced various cultures around the world since the beginning of time.







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