Profiles is the latest section on our site! Here we will present you with the stories and insights of some very special women. Hopefully, these profiles will help you on your journey. These are the stories of women… strong women… who chose to succeed despite the challenges they faced. Nurturing and nourishing an infant in our society is difficult. To do so without societal support is nothing short of heroic. Every nursing relationship is unique. Each of these mothers used the information available on the ABRW and their wits to make things progress positively. Each of these women wished to share their story so as to help future mothers. Perhaps you will obtain a glimpse of your own selves in these heroic women and it will empower you to persevere in your endeavor to provide the best possible breastfeeding relationship for your little one. From our generation to the next, we wish you all the best!

Sherri’s Story (aka tripsplusone)

Jean’s Story (aka jrhome)

Cindy’s Story (aka cindyhope)

Elaine’s Story (aka Elaine)