Much has happened since this site began. There are now many differing and overlapping ways to approach adoptive breastfeeding and re-lactation.  I would strongly urge you to consider the perspectives of those individuals I present, in addition to those you encounter throughout this site.  The ABRW does not endorse or guarantee the usefulness of any of these perspectives.  This section will grow as time passes, so I urge you to check back often.  Please keep these perspectives in mind while you conduct your own research.  Hopefully, they will help you to determine the best case scenario for your individual situation with regard for your  personal preferences. 

Darillyn Starr – 7/14/03

Ann Sutherland – 1/31/03

Elizabeth Hormann, BA, ED.M., IBCLC – 10/09/02

Karleen Gribble B Rur Sc PhD – 02/04/03

Barbara Wilson-Clay