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This page contains contact information for local support groups that are starting up around the country. From here you can send e-mail to support group leaders, or visit their personal home pages.  If you would like to add your name and support group to this list please write to me.

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Alphabetical listing, by state:




apple.gif (874 bytes)The Arkansas ABRW Support Group.

            Conway, Arkansas

            Nona Davis   


        California - (Northern)

The Northern California ABRW Support Group.

            Santa Clara, California

            Naomi B. Duane


California- (Southern)

The Southern California ABRW Support Group.

Los Angeles, California

Lisa Jackson


Oregon- (Portland Area)

The Oregon ABRW Support Group.

Portland, Oregon

Mary Walker


Oregon- (Portland Area)

Legacy Lactation Services, Good Samaritan Hospital

Portland, Oregon

Tracy Throckmorton RN IBCLC  




sego.gif (941 bytes)The Utah ABRW Support Group.


Darillyn Starr


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