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La Leche League Parenting Conference

The annual La Leche League of So. California/Nevada Conference will be held in Costa Mesa, CA from May 26-28, 2006. A mother who has attended past conferences shares her insights about this yearly event. I love being surrounded by a hotel full of mothers and fathers who are devoted to the concept that good parenting through breastfeeding is critically important. I have also received an outstanding education from a program featuring top speakers from southern California and the country (sometimes the world!). They share new research, insights, and techniques to keep us on the cutting edge of breastfeeding and parenting philosophy and practice."

Lact-Aid - Frequently Asked Questions About Nursing Adopted Babies

Lact-Aid's site has recently been updated with positive results. This FAQ is an EXCELLENT source of information for individuals wishing to learn more about lactation in adoptive situations. It is comprehensive and thorough in explaining the different facets of adoptive breastfeeding. Lact-Aid also offers a great breastfeeding supplementer.

Medela -"Breastfeeding Solutions from Medela Inc."

This is a comprehensive site developed by the makers of the SNS.TM  It has helpful sections pertaining to breastfeeding and the benefits thereof. This site can locate a distributor near you so you can easily purchase the SNSTM  and/or rent hospital grade pumps and weight scales. In addition, this site has a Lactation Consultant who answers questions via email as well as some very interesting links to other breastfeeding sites.

WHO -"How to Breastfeed during an Emergency"

This document is published by the World Health Organization. It is one of the more positive documents you will find on the Internet concerning adoptive breastfeeding. It has three paragraphs detailing this topic:

"Re-lactation and induced lactation"
"How re-lactation works"
"Re-lactation step by step"

The surrounding information is VERY beneficial to mothers who are new to breastfeeding.

Learning About Adoptive Nursing

This is a tutorial for adoptive breastfeeding mom's. It's nicely laid out in a format that share's one woman's personal experience with information she has found useful.   Good overview!

LLL -"Adoptive Breastfeeding"

This site presents a collection of articles written by adoptive mother's who have breastfed their babies. These articles were previously published in NEW BEGINNINGS which is a bimonthly publication for LLL members.

LLL -"FAQ on Adoptive Breastfeeding"

This FAQ is compiled by the La Leche League. There are a few helpful comments as well as a booklet you can order on the topic of adoptive breastfeeding.

The Birth Den - Up to date articles and videos by Dr. Jack Newman.

Barbara Wilson-Clay, BSE, IBCLC - "Induced Lactation" -This article explores the historical and scientific perspective of adoptive breastfeeding. It is quite interesting.

PCOS and Breastfeeding - One member of the ABRW states "if it hadn't been for the information I learned while nursing my 3 adopted dd's I wouldn't have been able to nurse my bio baby (#4)."   Hopefully this information will lend some insight and help those individuals dealing with PCOS.