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We usually think of holding babies in the "cradle hold" position for nursing. However, there are many positions that can be used. With a baby who has nipple confusion or other difficulty, or just while mother and baby are both learning to nurse, it can be very helpful to hold the baby in an upright "football hold", or clutch position. It is good to be wearing a bra that supports the breast well, so that you can easily see what is going on. Very large breasted women sometimes find that placing a rolled up towel or baby blanket under the breast is helpful to support it. The baby should be essentially sitting up and facing the breast directly. It is useful to have pillows to help support the baby, so that mom can use her hands to get him latched on. Most good breastfeeding books contain photos of different nursing positions. As you and your baby get more comfortable with nursing, you can experiment to find the most comfortable positions to nurse in. This is especially important at night. With practice, it is possible to rest or even sleep while nursing, either in bed, or in a recliner. It not only helps keep mom from being a worn- out wreck (speaking from personal experience) and is also likely to help her milk production.




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