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Boot Camp - More Meal Ideas:


1)  Add variety to the oatmeal with cinnamon, brown sugar, dry fruits, nuts, coconut (many people say this helps milk production)

2)  Blueberry pancakes ( add a half cup of oatmeal to the batter) and honey or syrup.

3)  Oatmeal/blueberry muffins with a mashed banana added (use Bisquick recipe with a half   cup of oatmeal added. Makes six large muffins. These freeze well and can be used for a        morning snack break or for afternoon tea time.


1)  Hard boiled eggs in salad or sandwich.

2)  Cottage cheese, yogurt and fruit can be mixed with a half cup of jello.  Make extra for a busy day.

3)  Pizza with extra veggies added or make up a bowl full with dip.


1)  Chinese (take out or Uncle Benís rice bowl) save some for tomorrow's lunch.

2)  Tacos or burritos ( take out)

3)  Baked chicken in barbeque sauce or salad dressing. Cook for 30 minutes in oven, baste,  turn over for 30 more minutes at 350 degrees F. Add potatoes and bake 45 minutes and        a spice cake mix (use applesauce instead of water) or pound cake to bake along with the   chicken.

4)  Deli sandwich on wheat roll, macaroni salad, pickle.

5)  Pasta salad made with chopped ham, chicken or shrimp and a package of interesting  mixed vegetables which include broccoli

Continue with three good meals and two snacks daily. Also drink liquids equaling 3 quarts. You are eating for two in quality not necessarily quantity. Nursing Moms are often hungry and may need an evening milk shake to last until breakfast. Try 8oz of 2% milk with 6-8 strawberries, or a banana, peach, 2T molasses and 6 ice cubes to thicken. Foods with B vitamins are said to boost milk production. Think liver (cover in barbeque sauce, onions or bacon to hide its origin) yogurt, molasses, wheat germ, brewers yeast. Eat a variety of foods rather than lots of one thing. Watch caffeine, chocolate and spices.

Ann Sutherland