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My name is Ann Sutherland. I'd like to take you to Relactation Boot Camp if you are up for the challenge!

There are a lot individuals interested in using preplacement protocols which utilize drug and herbal therapies. I wanted to offer an alternative. Relactation Boot Camp concentrates on improving general diet, regulating liquid intake, boosting self confidence, education and support! I feel milk enhancing herbs and drugs have the potential to create negative side effects. Their use should be researched and tailored to the individual mother/prospective mother by her physician.

Relactation Book Camp is designed for those who need to relactate after they have stopped or almost stopped nursing for some reason. Boot Camp is tough and requires commitment and support from those around you. An "I think I can, I think I can" attitude can help a lot. Your situation may take as long to resolve as it took to create. Realizing this will help you to achieve your goal. You may need to modify and repeat the ten day process more than once.

If you are interested please be sure to read the "Read This" section.

Ann Sutherland