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ANN SUTHERLAND 6/3/1934 - 6/26/08

Ann Sutherland is one of the few people in the history of the ABRW who really stepped up to the plate to help others.  She was a charter member of the ABRW and also a long time member of LLL, in addition to being a loving mother and grandmother.  She spent a tremendous amount of time helping women and babies all over the world who visited this site.   The Boot Camp section of this site was one of her contributions in supporting women to induce lactation and re-lactate during difficult times.  She posted on our message boards almost daily for a little over a decade, always offering helpful advice and comfort to those who needed help, never asking for or accepting anything in return.  I would like her to be remembered and recognized for her selfless contribution and dedication to the many women and babies of the world. I believe she made an incredible difference in their lives.   She was full of wisdom and experience and we will miss her dearly. 

- Naomi B. Duane

The Adoptive Breastfeeding Resource Website


We live day to day, thinking we should let someone know how special she or he is to us... but we get busy, and time passes.  Then, out of the blue, we learn they are gone.  Ann and I corresponded as friends and fellow cheer leaders for many years.  As a foster, and subsequently an adoptive mom, she was one of the first women who participated in our research and development of the Lact-Aid System. I'll never forget the first time I met her... It was at an impromptu meeting at a La Leche League International conference.  Some people had a lot of questions about LA, so we found a quiet place in a hallway and sat on the floor... nursing our babies and just sharing our experiences.  I fell in love with her, and she remained an avid supporter and a loyal friend through many ups and downs that Lact-Aid faced in subsequent years.   Ann was very special.  She was not only smart and talented, she carried her generous nurturing of babies over into being a nurturer of families.  The FourFriends website, created by Naomi Duane, provided a wonderful venue for Ann to share her loving wisdom with so many.  I am devastated to know she is gone, but she has left us all a very special legacy of love.

- Jimmie Lynne Avery

Lact-Aid International, Inc.


In lieu of flowers a donation in her name to La Leche League was her wish. 


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